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Frequently Asked Questions
What is The Celebration Programservice mark?
The Celebration Programservice mark is the employee service recognition program designed to be your dream come true. Using the best-of-the-best features of employee service award programs, it features a wonderful gift selection designed to please every employee, attractive and affordable Presentation Packages, and a range of price levels that makes it easy to fit any budget—all in a simple, easy-to-administer format. 

It's designed to be a service recognition program that both managers and employees will absolutely love.





The program is designed to fit your budget












The gift selection is awesome.  There is something great for everyone.













Gifts for your employees around the world









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What does the Celebrationservice mark service award program cost?
The Celebration Programservice mark has two components:

  1)  The Presentation Package - which you present to the employee on the
  2)  The Service Award Gift - which is typically delivered to the employee after
         the presentation

The Presentation Packages range in price from under $1 to over $50. A typical Presentation Package contains a letter from your company president, a Certificate of Appreciation and a selection of gifts. Our more elaborate Presentation Packages contain an additional commemorative gift as part of the package in additional to the gift selection from the Celebration Collectionservice mark.

The Service Award gift is selected by the employee from the selections offered in the Presentation Package. After the employee makes the selection, the gift is sent to the employee (or to you, if you prefer).  These gifts come in a full range of prices, to match your budget. The service award gifts range in price from $25 to over $2500.



Are logos available on the service awards?
Yes. With the Celebration Programservice mark you have three choices for gifts:

100% Lifestyle Favorites
  -  These are the service award gifts most employees prefer. They do not have your company logo added to them, and are currently the most popular choice among employees. These gifts are offered in a beautiful selection of gifts from a wide spectrum of categories. The range of choices is specially-designed so that everyone is sure to find a gift that he or she will truly enjoy, whatever their lifestyle.

100% Corporate Logo Gifts  -  Every gift bears your corporate logo. Use this option with caution. Although some corporate executives are convinced that their company employees will enjoy service awards that have their company logo, today's employees often accept such gifts very politely but end up putting them in a drawer or closet, rarely to be seen again—even if they are quite expensive. We don't recommend this choice except in rare situations.

50/50 Collection  -  If you want to give your employee a choice, this blended collection uses some Lifestyle Favorites and some Corporate Logo Gifts. This option helps you settle internal debates about which type of gift is best. Let the employees select what they will most enjoy. It's the perfect solution when it's not clear which your employees would prefer.


How often should you give service award gifts?
We recommend every five years. Great companies recognize employee anniversaries every year, but a very special gift should be a part of the celebration every five years.

We recommend gifts at 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, 25 years, 30 years, 35 years and 40 years. Also, a retirement gift is recommended.

Federal tax laws may also make the gifts tax exempt for your company and your employees if they are given no more frequently than every five years, and follow a few other guidelines. If you would like more information about the tax exempt service recognition guidelines, contact your tax consultant. We can also provide some information that may help your tax planner.


We have employees worldwide. Can you help?
Absolutely! We offer both domestic and international collections and our World Classservice mark service, which makes it easy to manage large programs. Contact a Client Care representative for information about our World Classservice mark service, which provides an easy way to manage your worldwide service awards with online management tools, gifts that are domestic to locales throughout the world, and fabulous service. If you have employees around the world, let the world's most extensive service recognition program make your life easier while making your employees even happier.


Get more information or see a demo
Contact us today to get more information about the Celebration Programservice mark, or ask for a guided tour of the program.



Something for everyone



The Celebration Program - employee service awards

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