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  RewardWell (SM) Wellness Programs  
  Frequently Asked Questions
What is the RewardWellservice mark employee wellness program?

It's a fun but powerful corporate tool for motivating employees to adopt healthier behaviors such as exercising, eating well and not smoking.


How does it work?
It's designed around awarding points to employees for accomplishing certain health-related goals. The more the employees do, the more points they earn.


How easy is it to administer?
It's a robust program that's designed to be implemented with minimal administrative time and effort. The program is designed to automatically do much of the work for you.


Is this an online program?
Yes. Participants log in to see their points accumulate, to check their progress, to view the extensive award catalog, to order gifts with their points, and more.


What does it cost?
There are two main component costs: the annual administrative fees and the cost of the awards. Our online programs cost range from under $3,500 to over $7,500 per year for administration, plus the cost of the awards. The administrative costs vary depending on the number of employees, which countries they are located in, and which options you select. You determine the cost of the awards, based on your budget. Please contact us for a specific quote for your program.


What goals can the program address?
Actually, with this program you can set your own goals. You will most likely want to target some of the areas believed to be the greatest known causes of preventable health problems, such as smoking, poor diet and lack of exercise.


Is there a smaller version of the program for single departments or small companies?
Yes. Our RewardWellservice mark program comes in your choice of our online incentive program or our in-print reward catalogs for smaller programs.


How can I find out more about the program?
Contact us for a free tour of the program or for a group demo.




The RewardWell (SM) wellness incentive program

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