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Employee incentives can help you unleash untapped potenialThe Superachievers® employee incentive program

Lurking behind those familiar faces and friendly smiles is a treasure trove. You have hidden geniuses on your team. Natural born leaders. Human dynamos. People with brilliant ideas, untapped energy, pent-up enthusiasm. You have spectacular organizers, insightful innovators, people brimming with hidden talent and potential just waiting to be unleashed.

Of course, you know that already. You also know that It's time for a new era of empowerment and productivity. It's time to invite new ideas, challenge the status quo, celebrate positive change, and shift the corporate culture into a higher gear. It's time to set lofty goals, sharpen the focus, offer the right incentives, and open the gates.

Whether you want to start in one department or corporate-wide, if you're ready to inflame excitement and incite a groundswell of positive change, you're ready for Superachievers®.

The Superachieversservice mark employee incentive program is now ready. The time to do something outrageously positive is now.



Set your targets high




Set lofty goals, sharpen the focus, and offer the right incentives


Set Your Targets High—One goal or multiple goals
Our Superachievers® high performance employee incentive program is a powerful management tool.  We encourage you to think big, and to specifically target your organization's highest aspirations.  Our Superachievers® incentive programs are designed to help you motivate your employees step-by-step toward higher and higher levels of performance.  We encourage you to structure your incentive goals on the basis of the highest standards for excellence, professionalism, innovation, productivity, customer satisfaction and employee well-being.  If you have multiple goals, we can easily accommodate those, giving your employees a clear focus on the areas of performance that you value most.

You've likely identified the key areas that you would like to focus on in the coming months and years.  Our employee incentive programs can work hard to help you focus on these areas, and build enthusiasm for the goals you set.

You may want to focus your incentive program on one or more of the following:

  • improving productivity
  • increasing sales
  • improving quality
  • improving customer service
  • creating faster response times
  • reducing costs
  • improving customer satisfaction
  • improving safety / reducing accidents
  • implementing new systems
  • building positive attitude
  • improving employee morale
  • increasing innovation and employee suggestions
  • improving teamwork
  • improving peer-to-peer recognition
  • improving on-the-spot recognition
  • improving communication
  • reducing turnover

...or other goals!  Whatever goals are important to your organization, we'll be delighted to work with you to build a powerful employee incentive program.





Our feature-rich program is designed to help culture success











Build a habit of success with a series of attainable goals


Different Goals for Different Employees
Our flexible and scalable programs permit you to use different goals for different employee groups.  This permits you to be very specific about goals that may vary from department to department.  You may have goals for productivity in one area, goals for sales in other, and goals for safety in another.  At the same time, you might create incentives to motivate all employees to create valuable suggestions or innovations.  Whether you want to start with a company-wide program or start with one area and build from there, our incentive programs are designed with built-in scalability that flexes with your needs today and tomorrow.

Different goals for different employees



Our feature-rich program is loaded with lots of built-in features and options
Participants can take advantage of our online reward catalog, online ordering, online order status and tracking, and check reward point balances around the clock at their convenience.  Your participants can get motivating communications and tips for improving performance from you, participate in surveys and quizzes and more.

Administrators and managers can motivate and train with communication tools, quizzes, surveys, peer-to-peer and on-the-spot reward capabilities and more.  Our flexible award system permits rewarding points by individual, group, department, division or company-wide.  Our extensive reporting capability puts the information that you need at your fingertips.


For smaller programs, use our printed reward catalogs
If you want to run a small program for a single department or location, you can use our comprehensive in-print reward catalogs instead of our online program.


Point Incentives
By using points, you can break your highest goals into steps of achievement along the path of outstanding performance. Points allow you to build a habit of success by creating an environment of attainable goals that bring recognition and reward.  We offer a wide variety of point award programs, in both our online and in-print programs.

You can award participants points for the accomplishment of big goals or small goals.

With our online programs, participants can check their points balances online at their convenience.


Great Rewards
Our outstanding employee rewards collection includes great name-brand rewards in a wide variety of prices and reward categories.  Our outstanding reward merchandise is selected for both quality and appeal, and typically includes delivery right to your employee's home. We offer great options for travel, from weekend getaway trips to around-the-world luxury travel.  Our goal is to provide you with highly-motivating rewards that help your build outstanding performance.


What does the program cost?
Our online Superachieversservice mark program is available for world-wide, national and even individual-location organizations. We offer a range of options that you can select from based on your particular goals and budget. Our feature-rich online incentive programs start at about $3200.00 a year for administrative fees, which includes a branded website, outstanding motivational and communication features and even administrator training. Reward costs are determined by you, based on your goals and budget.


Let's get started!
For more information, see our frequently asked questions or contact us now for a free consultation or to see an individual demo or group presentation.

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