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Frequently Asked Questions
What is The Superachievers Programservice mark?
The Superachieversservice mark high performance sales incentive program is designed for sales organizations focused on outstanding sales performance and growth. Often companies will implement an incentive program to effect a quick boost in sales to meet a particular goal or quota. The Superachievers Programservice mark is designed to help companies that want to build sales now—and then keep building sales.









Designed for companies aiming for exceptional perfomance












Designed to help you build sales, and then keep building sales
















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Why do you call it "high performance incentives"?
We call it "high performance incentives" because the program is designed for companies that are aiming for exceptional sales performance. Unlike sales incentive programs which are implemented to boost sales a few percentage points for a few months, the Superachievers Programservice mark is formulated for companies that are aiming at exceptional performance in the near-term and the long term.


Doesn't everyone want exceptional performance over the long term?
Everyone may want it, but not everyone is doing something to achieve it.   Superachieversservice mark sales incentive programs are designed to help organizations that are serious about building long-term outstanding sales growth. If a company exclusively relies on quick 60-day incentives every once in a while, they may not be focused on long-term growth. Internal or external pressures may cause companies to focus on short-term goals. Over time, these organizations may live on a diet of on-again off-again incentives, promotions, quick-fixes, first quarter this and third quarter that—and never really achieving consistently exceptional sales levels.

Organizations need to respond to the market, but there are many ways to respond. The Superachieversservice mark programs are designed for organizations that don't just respond to market pressures, but that have a proactive long-term performance vision that flexes and adjusts as a natural process of growing and building outstanding results.


What makes the Superachievers Programservice mark different?
We say, "Relax, and start building real success."  By relax, we mean shift away from the frenetic mindset of creating quick programs to solve this issue or that issue. Instead, build a simple, powerful program that makes it easier to communicate simple goals, to keep the focus, to make things fun, and to build real success.  Create a program that is engaging and powerful enough to do what you need when you need it, flexible enough to change the focus as the market and your organization evolve, comprehensive enough to meet your needs today and tomorrow.

The Superachieversservice mark sales incentive programs are different because they are designed for organizations pursuing outstanding performance now, and also pursuing ongoing outstanding performance.


Is the Superachievers Programservice mark guaranteed to work?
The Superachievers Programservice mark is a very powerful tool designed to complement excellent management. We can't guarantee your results because there are factors outside of our control that affect the ultimate success of your program. But if your company has outstanding management and vision, the Superachieversservice mark sales incentive program is designed to be an exceptional tool to help you achieve your goals.


Does the program require a company to commit to the program for the long-term?
No, you are not required to commit to any particular time for running the program. We do suggest that you run the program as long as you are absolutely delighted with the results. We also suggest that you structure the program around the idea that it should pay for itself out of sales growth and/or increased profits.


Does the company need special requirements to start the Superachievers Programservice mark?
Management should be committed to a long-term strategy of outstanding sales growth—not a short-term goal, but a long-term strategy. The Superachievers Programservice mark is designed to help you build sales and then keep building sales.


What kinds of award gifts does the program offer?
The Superachievers Programservice mark is designed to help you motivate and reward every person on your team. The gift collection is extensive across a spectrum of individual tastes and lifestyles. The award gifts are specially selected to provide a high degree of motivational appeal, giving your program participants great items to grab their attention and to motivate successful performance. The collection is updated year-round to keep it fresh and exciting. We'll be delighted to show you our reward collection today.


Is it easy to administer?
You'll be glad to know that the program is designed to be easy to use. It is highly intuitive, so learning the program is more of a tour of what it can do than about how to do it. It's a comprehensive program and it does require some attention, but it does so much of the work for you that it may take much less work than you expect.


Is it easy for participants to use?
The program is designed to be so intuitive that you don't have to teach most people how to use the program. Instructions are built into the program, however, for those who enjoy reading them.

Gift Selections are available online


Is the Superachievers Programservice mark available for worldwide programs?
Yes. Our program is great for multinational corporations with employees in countries around the world. With our worldwide programs, the award collections are different for participants in different parts of the world so that the gifts offered are appropriate for the location to which they are delivered.


What does the Superachievers Programservice mark cost?
The Superachievers Programservice mark may cost slightly more than other sales incentive programs, but the added simplicity and time-savings from a more efficient program may actually make the program less expensive than a regular incentive program. And of course the issue isn't so much the cost, but the gain—how much will performance increase from running your incentive program?

Our online Superachieversservice mark sales incentive programs are available for international, national and even single-location organizations. There is a wide range of options that you can select from according to your needs and budget. The administrative fees for our very robust programs start at around $3200 per year, which includes your own branded website, a set of powerful motivational and communication tools and administrator training. Our administrative fees are based on several factors, such as the number of participants. In addition to the administrative fees, your reward costs are determined by you according to your budget.


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