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  Wellness Programs  


The RewardWell Programservice mark — powerful motivation that makes wellness fun!
Now you can set up a wellness program that's designed to help your employees remember what they can do to improve their health and to provide powerful motivation to get them to actually do those things! Help your employees pursue a new level of health and wellness by adopting healthier behaviors such as staying smoke-free, exercising regularly, eating healthy and more—all in a fun and powerful way! This program can work seamlessly with existing wellness education programs and in-house exercise facilities.


Wellness Incentives that Focus on the Positive
The RewardWell Programservice mark is designed to focus on positive goals, and reward healthy choices with great rewards in ways that make working toward healthier living a fun adventure. The RewardWellservice mark wellness incentive program isn't about boring lectures, charts and statistics. Most people already believe that smoking is harming them, or that eating certain foods can be bad for their heart, or that exercising will help them be healthier. The RewardWellservice mark wellness program is designed to help people to do what they already believe that they should be doing. That's why the RewardWellservice mark program is designed to be fun.

Exercise is fun!

Our Program is designed to:

  • Clearly communicate your health & wellness goals to your employees in a fun, upbeat way

  • Make it easy and fun for people to participate

  • Provide an incentive to motivate them to do what they probably already want to do to improve their health

  • Quickly acknowledge goals reached

  • Give positive recognition for every target met

  • Reward every goal in a meaningful way that helps build enthusiasm for health & wellness

Find out more about the program
For more information about our wellness programs, see our frequently asked questions or contact us for a free online tour of our program.




The RewardWell (SM) wellness incentive program

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