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Incentive Programs for Big Thinkers
Our incentive programs are designed to help you motivate and reward your employees and sales network step-by-step toward higher and higher levels of performance.  If your organization is aiming high and thinking big, we have the perfect tool to complement your aspirations:  our Superachievers® incentive programs.

For more information about these powerful state-of-the-art programs, just click on sales incentives or employee incentives.  Or contact us for a free consultation.



Superachievers (sm) incentives

      Employee Service Award Booklets  -  5 Year Awards  -    10 Year Awards  -    15 Year Awards  -    20 Year Awards  -    25 Year Awards  -    30 Year Awards   Employee Service Recognition Programs
Your loyal employees who have been with you for years deserve special recognition. They've formed a long-term bond that reflects a special relationship with your organization. Now you can celebrate that relationship with a special gift and recognition that reflects your deep appreciation for their enduring commitment: our Celebrationservice mark service award program.

Designed to fit any budget, this amazing employee service award program is a program you'll love. To find out more, just visit our service award information page, or contact us to speak with a service recognition expert.



About us

For over 35 years we've been helping major corporations and future major corporations build their businesses. 

We offer incentive and recognition programs that are designed to help you motivate and reward outstanding performance and loyalty.

While the technical aspects of incentive, motivation, and reward programs are constantly changing, human nature remains the same.  Every person has enormous innate potential to create and enjoy.  We're here to help you tap into that abundant natural resource: human potential.

We invite you to breathe new energy and excitement in your organization by taking the highest aspirations for your organization and setting them into action today.    We'd like to help you build enthusiasm, focus, and fun in the pursuit of your goals throughout your entire organization.



We offer a range of incentive and employee service award programs:

Some of our most popular programs:

Sales Incentive Programs
For both internal sales groups and external sales channels, our sales incentive programs are designed to help you bring strong focus, motivation, and reward to the areas of sales with the greatest potential for growth.
               Click here to learn more  Find out more about our sales incentives

Employee Incentive Programs
Designed to help you motivate and reward outstanding performance, our employee programs can put focus on different goals for each department or segment of your organization.
               Click here to learn more  Find out more about our employee incentives

Employee Service Award Programs
For those employees who have maintained a longstanding loyalty to the company as expressed in many years of service, our programs are designed to provide attractive and appreciated awards and recognition.
               Click here to learn more  Find out more about our employee service awards

Employee Health & Wellness Programs
Employers and employees alike can benefit greatly from the improved health and wellness of employees. Our programs are designed to help you build enthusiasm, motivation, and rewards for healthy choices.
               Click here to learn more  Find out more about our employee wellness programs



We'd like to help you
Our incentive programs are designed to help you encourage, inspire, and motivate every person in your organization to reach for higher and higher levels of excellence and achievement.  Our employee service recognition programs are designed to recognize and award years of service in a way that builds morale, loyalty, and feelings of being truly appreciated.

Our sales incentives and employee incentive programs are designed to help you build enthusiasm and excitement  by providing focus on your goals and then encouraging, recognizing, and rewarding small and large accomplishments toward your goals. 

The motivation and recognition programs we offer are designed to be powerful management tools for organizations committed to the attainment of lofty goals. 

Step by step, day after day, our programs are designed to help you lift individuals up by culturing habits of success and achievement.  By focusing on the positive, and by responding with both recognition and reward for accomplishments both big and small, we can help you magnify attention on the attainment of your highest goals.


Ask about our Incentive, Reward, and Recognition Programs:

Superachievers® incentive programs the world's high performance incentive program, for corporations seeking to bring out the very best from every individual on their team. These absolutely outstanding state-of-the-art programs are offered with a comprehensive feature-rich online solution that makes it easier than you imagined to manage and administer a far-reaching program. Capable of handling tens of thousands of employees scattered around the world, these programs are the premier incentive choice for top organizations seeking the best in employee and sales performance. Participants earn points toward gifts from the amazing Superachievers Collectionservice mark of reward gifts and travel.

Celebrationservice mark service recognition programs — the world's finest employee service award programs, featuring outstanding award gifts for years of service from our Celebration Collectionservice mark , ranging in price from $25 to $2500 and above. This program combines the warmth of a great personal presentation with the option and convenience of online ordering and tracking of gifts. When you want the finest program and the widest set of options, you want the Celebration Programservice mark.

RewardWellservice mark wellness incentive programs — the wellness solution for employers looking for an innovative way to motivate employees to culture healthy habits, such as not smoking, exercising regularly, and eating a healthy diet. This program can be seamlessly integrated with your current wellness education programs and fitness gym. Because the program gives you the flexibility to determine the award levels, you can structure the program to fit your budget. Your enrolled employees will be able to earn points towards fantastic gifts from our RewardWell Collectionservice mark of brand name gifts.

World Classservice mark service award programs — When your employees are located in countries around the globe, you can enjoy the luxury of administering this worldwide program from a single location. Using personal presentation pieces and online ordering, this wonderful program is designed for worldwide corporations seeking a single-source solution. Employees are offered wonderful gift choices that are domestic to their part of the world. Whether your employees are in Indiana or India, Chattanooga or China, Austin or Australia, this comprehensive worldwide program can make service awards easier for you and truly rewarding for your employees.

Inspirationservice mark incentive programs — the incentive solution for motivating and rewarding employee suggestions and innovations.. Employees are encouraged and rewarded for creative ideas and solutions for improving productivity, new products, product innovations, cost-saving, and more. Instead of having just a new-product development team, why not put everyone in your organization on the new-product team? Sales, customer service, and technical support people are often on the front lines for getting feedback from customers and prospects. Now you can tap into this powerful resource and build your organization's creative strength. Employees can earn very special gifts from our Inspiration Collectionservice mark for submitting ideas and for participating in your company's quest for new products, higher efficiency, and higher levels of service.

Applause! service mark on-the-spot awards — When employees do great things (even small "great" things), sometimes your managers will want to recognize them for their contribution. This program is perfect for building teamwork and goodwill by giving managers the ability to thank employees for their contribution with a special gift or reward points.

Applause! service mark peer-to-peer awards — A great way to build morale and teamwork is to empower employees to give awards to each other. Employees are often in a better position than managers to see behind-the-scenes actions and attitudes that deserve to be recognized and rewarded. Our programs offer a variety of ways to make it easy for management to provide peer-to-peer awarding capability for employees.

Employee Superstarsservice mark programs — When employees go "above and beyond" as a team member, fellow team members may want to recognize the contributions of their peers. This peer recognition program provides both recognition for going the extra mile, and provides an incentive for keeping up the team spirit. For building and maintaining outstanding morale and teamwork, ask us about this stellar program.

Sales Superstarsservice mark incentive programs — This program is designed to recognize sales performance that goes beyond the norm. When your top sales people perform at extraordinary levels, this program is designed to recognize and reward them. Structured according to your rules, the program is designed to reward, recognize, and continue to inspire outstanding performance. Participants will be awarded points which they accumulate and redeem from our Premier Collectionservice mark of fabulous brand name award gifts.

Superstarsservice mark incentive programs — These comprehensive programs encompass sales and employee performance recognition in one program. Designed to highlight the extraordinary performances of individuals who reach great levels of achievement, and to inspire outstanding performance from every person on your team. This program features outstanding, upscale brand merchandise and travel awards from our Premier Collectionservice mark of outstanding reward gifts and travel.

Salescentivesservice mark incentive programs — When sales performance is the goal, this program is designed to help you train sales people, motivate exceptional performance, recognize achievements along the way, help culture habits of success, and reward sales people with brand name gifts and travel. Available in a range of sizes for virtually all sales organizations.

Funcentivesservice mark incentive programs — When morale and productivity need to be addressed, it's time to get really serious without making things too heavy. This oxymoron can be addressed using this program (which is designed around your specific needs). During tough times when morale and productivity need to be addressed, it's important to use a comprehensive approach that focuses on the positive and helps build spirits. This can be a tough challenge. This program is designed to be a powerful tool when you need it most..

Wellcentivesservice mark incentive programs — With today's soaring healthcare costs, every company and employee needs to be concerned about health and wellness. Many employees want to take steps toward better health, but can't seem to muster the internal motivation and consistency to accomplish what they know they should do. A great employer can step up to help the employee, by making the process fun and rewarding. This program is designed to help your company make a quick transition from no wellness program to a great wellness program.

Smartcentivesservice mark incentive programs — Employee safety is a serious issue. With today's work pressures, employees may be prone to take chances that can injure themselves or others. These injuries can be very costly to the individual's well-being, to the person's family, to their team at work, and to their employer. These programs are designed around encouraging and rewarding employees for following safety rules, and thereby helping to build a safer environment.

My New Healthservice mark incentive programs — Employers who want to focus on health, wellness, and safety in one comprehensive program are invited to start one of these powerful programs. Employees can earn points for various steps they take to keep themselves healthy and safe. This very flexible program allows you to set the goals and reward levels for not smoking, eating healthy, exercising, following safety guidelines, participating in learning activities, and demonstrating their knowledge on these topics in fun quizzes.


Contact us today!
We'll be happy to send more information to you about our programs, or discuss your particular needs and solutions.

For more information about our programs, or for a free consultation, please contact us today!



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