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  Employee Service Awards  


The world's best employee service awards
You'll love the Celebration Programservice mark. We've taken the best-of-the-best features of employee service recognition and created an employee service award program that gives you the best of all worlds. The Celebration Programservice mark offers fantastic service award gifts, attractive employee Presentation Packages, and a system that is easy to administer.

Managers love it. Employees love it. You'll love it.



The perfect service recognition gift for every person
The Celebrationservice mark employee service recognition award program helps you give the perfect gift to each employee in two ways:

          1) by offering employees a selection of award gifts, and
by offering great gifts to select from

By giving employees a selection, it takes the guesswork out of management selecting a service award gift that each employee will truly enjoy and appreciate. By offering a wonderful selection of great brand-name gifts in the perfect range of categories, everyone is sure to find a gift that matches his or her tastes and lifestyle.

You present, they select, we deliver






Management loves it, employees love it



Easy Administration
The Celebrationservice mark service award program is designed with our EasyAdminservice mark system of simplifying the program management process. You make the award presentations to the employees, the employees make the selection and we ship the gift. You'll love it, and your employees will love it, too.




No minimums,
no set-up charges

Why complicate things? Most of our programs are available with no minimums and no set-up charges. And we don't try to lock you in to a long-term contract. Instead, we dazzle you with great service and outstanding award gifts. You simply start your service award recognition program when you like and stop it when, well, maybe you'll never stop. Most of our clients just keep coming back year after year.

No minimums, no set-uup charges



Beautiful Employee Service Award Presentations
The Celebrationservice mark employee service recognition program offers beautiful and affordable Presentation Packages, with options that let you match the presentation with your corporate culture. Just select the presentation style that you like!





Presentation Packages


No minimums, no set-up charges for most programs



Fits your budget
With service award gifts available from $25 to $2500 and above, our recogntion program can match any budget. Just decide your budget for each anniversary level. Need help? Just contact a Client Care representative for assistance.




You decide how employees order their gifts
The Celebrationservice markservice recognition program gives you great choices for how employees select and order their award gifts. We offer gift ordering options that include online, mail, voice, fax, and email. Just let us know your needs.

Your choice of online options





The gift selection is great.  There is something great for every person.



Fantastic Brand Name Gifts
The Celebrationservice mark service award program offers name brand gifts that you and your employees recognize and admire. Brands like Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Nikon, Cusinart, Bose, Nike, KitchenAid, Trek, Waterford, HP, Magellan, Bushnell, DeWalt and Homedics. And hundreds of other brands. Ask to see the Celebration Collectionservice mark—the world's finest collection of employee service awards.

Fantastic Gift Collection



Need award gifts with your logo?
International shipping?

Whether you want to offer brand name employee service recognition gifts (today's most popular), service award gifts with your logo, or a selection of both, we can help. Whether your employees are located in a single location, or in hundreds of locations around the world, we can help you create a program that you can manage from a single location.

world wide deliver




Gifts for your employees around the world




Schedule a tour of the program today


Call now for a free sample kit or a presentation of the world's finest service recognition program!
Why miss another opportunity to gain the positive benefits of creating or enhancing your culture of recognition? For more details about the Celebrationservice mark service award programs, see our frequently asked questions or contact us today for more information or to schedule a presentation.

See a presentation or online demo
Contact us today to take a close-up look at how the program works. We can give you an online demo or a group presentation.





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